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Christian Louboutin investment in Portugal, La Salvada, transforms Melides into a designer village

Christian Louboutin new investment in Portugal, La Salvada, transforms Melides into a designer village - Portugal news
Christian Louboutin new investment in Portugal, La Salvada, transforms Melides into a designer village - Portugal Business News

Portugal real-estate & celebrities news - Christian Louboutin’s new investment in Portugal, La Salvada, is transforming Melides into a designer village. Christian Louboutin’s love story with Portugal is centered on a small idyllic village on the pristine Alentejo coast, that is located in the district of Setúbal in southern Portugal.

Following the success of his red hotel, the Vermelho, French designer Christian Louboutin is multiplying his real-estate investments in Portugal and has just opened a new designer guesthouse called La Salvada, meaning "the saved one" in Spanish.

Christian Louboutin’s love story with an idyllic village in Portugal called Melides, that is along the Atlantic coast in southern Portugal, is transforming a small Portuguese village into a designer fairytale destination. For Christian Louboutin, the Portuguese village of Melides reminds him of the fantasy village where the French cartoon character Asterix lives, a village that is magically protected from the outside world, and villagers hold outside banquets where everyone gathers for a wonderful meal to the sounds of music and laughter.

Christian Louboutin is investing in a number of holiday homes in the idyllic Portuguese village of Melides that is slowly transforming into a designer’s dream destination, where the blue lagoon sparkles as a warm invitation to come and never turn back.

Christian Louboutin’s new real-estate investment in Portugal, La Salvada guesthouse was designed by Egyptian architect Tarek Shamma, who built him a designer fantasy. La Salvada is a place where guests immerse themselves in a world of music, where village parties add sparks of laughter to a life where visitors contemplate the peace of Portuguese village life.

The incredible light that envelopes the small Portuguese village of Melides is the focus of Christian Louboutin’s new holiday designer accommodation where the new village blushes with a becoming sunset pink and the blue ceramic tiles reflect the blue skies.

Christian Louboutin’s La Salvada guesthouse holds the essence of Nabataean architecture where the fireplace captures Petra’s timelessness and magical architecture. The designer holiday retreat is home to a 7-meter painting by Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, where Syrian textiles, Brazilian furniture, Gaudí and Portuguese craftsmanship transform the guesthouse into a work of art. Portugal’s designer village, Melides, may yet be Christian Louboutin’s masterpiece.

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