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Coin designed by AI enters circulation in Portugal

Coin designed by AI enters circulation in Portugal - portugal news
Coin designed by AI enters circulation in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal digital news – The first coin designed by AI enters circulation in Portugal on December 11th, 2023.


Portugal’s public minting company just put into circulation the country's first coin designed by Artificial Intelligence. The coin has a face value of 10 euros and is “a work that unites the biological and the digital, with a face created by AI for humans and another designed by humans for machines”, states Portugal’s public coin minting company, Casa da Moeda - INCM.


The process for creating Portugal’s first coin using AI started by generating more than 43 million images that were later reduced until reaching the final result that is the reverse of the coin. The human face created by AI is a mathematical expression encoded through a series of concentric arcs. These are visualized in six circular sectors and three distinct stylistic layers, from smooth to abstract, to concentric binary lines.


The obverse of the coin was designed by researchers who were inspired by the idea of ​​disk storage, to encode the instructions that generate the image created by AI.


Portugal’s first coin designed by AI is the result of a partnership between the Center for Informatics and Systems at the University of Coimbra and Portugal’s national minting company INCM. INCM focuses on technological innovation to build a new future.


In Portugal, the new future is now, and the AI ​​revolution has reached the domain of physical currencies that are now in circulation.


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