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Google announces a new subsea cable connecting Portugal to the US

Google announces a new subsea cable connecting Portugal to the US - portugal news
Google announces a new subsea cable connecting Portugal to the US - Portugal Business News

Portugal digital news - Google has just announced a new subsea cable connecting Portugal to the US. Google Cloud is building a new transatlantic subsea cable system connecting Portugal to the US called Nuvem, that is a Portuguese word meaning Cloud.

On September 25th, Brian Quigley who is the VP Global Network Infrastructure of Google Cloud, has announced a new subsea cable route that will pave the way for Portugal’s digital transition.

What is Google's new subsea cable Nuvem and when will it be operational?

Google’s new US – Portugal subsea cable Nuvem is expected to be operational in 2026 and will add capacity as well as increased reliability, while decreasing latency, for Google users and Google Cloud customers in Portugal.

Google’s new subsea cable, that will link Portugal to South Carolina in the US via Bermuda, will make the internet more affordable and will lead to new job opportunities as well as increased productivity for Portugal’s public and private sectors.

Google’s new digital Atlantic infrastructure places Portugal as the gateway between the US and Europe. Since around 95% of the world’s communications pass-through submarine cable networks, Portugal will become an international data-transit hub between the continents on both side of the Atlantic.

Portugal’s location is strategic, and the Government is preparing the country’s digital transition to foster Portugal as a digital hub for Europe. In addition to Google’s Nuvem, Portugal already has other subsea cable projects including Equiano, the recently completed subsea cable that connects Portugal to the African continent via Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, and St. Helena.

According to João Galamba, Portugal’s Minister of Infrastructure, the Portuguese Government intends to use these information highways as catalysts that will attract major investments in cutting-edge technology. These new developments in the field of communication infrastructure will propel Portugal towards becoming a major digital nation and will boost investments.

Portugal has defined a clear roadmap for the information and communications sector and Google’s investment in a subsea cable between Portugal and the US is an example of “growing U.S. investment in Portugal,” according to Randi Charno Levine, the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal.


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