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Portugal Digital Investment

Portugal Digital Investment -
Portugal Digital Investment - Portugal Business News

While Portugal is hosting the Digital Investor Day by the European Innovation Council (EIC) on October 31st before the Web Summit, the International Space Station (ISS) Portugal is operational since September to produce scalable digital solutions for aerospace.

The Digital Investor Day will provide investment opportunities in the Tech sector for the best Software & Hardware projects that are to be showcased for a full day of pitching sessions and one-to-one meetings, with plenty of networking opportunities.

The EIC will collaborate with Startup Lisboa to showcase tech innovators at Microsoft’s Lisbon venue. Tech companies will have the opportunity of pitching their products to EU investors that back software and hardware companies.

Tens of thousands of people, including investors, innovators, journalists, and tech sector giants from all over the globe, head to Lisbon every year to be a part of the Web Summit. This EIC event will be an added reason for investors to travel to Lisbon.

The event is also an opportunity for IT investors and Venture Capital funds. The best projects will be judged by Capricorn Partners, LIFTT, Armilar Venture Partners, Ship2B Ventures, Indico, Portugal Ventures, Faber, Semapa Next and Shilling.

IT tech companies that will showcase their innovations include Equal1 – that uses integrated quantum computing, UPMEM – which is a Semiconductor company that uses a processing accelerator for AI data applications in order to reduce the energy consumption of datacenters by 20%, Compek Solutions – that uses compound semiconductor quantum surface engineering to allow up to 98% reduction of interface defect state density with lower leak currents, Multiverse Computing – that is a quantum software for different sectors including finance, pharma and cybersecurity for machine-learning and simulation, ARXUM – which provides industrial blockchain infrastructure to interconnect IT systems providing a B2B solution for tracking purposes.

Other companies to showcase innovations include Predisurge - that provides predictive simulation for cardiovascular interventions, VOISEED – that provides voice content in any language to simplify dubbing with emotional speech, OrbitalAds – that helps advertisers optimize Paid Search Ads in any language, CrayoNano – that provides nanotechnology through its UV-C LED semiconductor component for disinfection of water, air and surfaces, SAALG – for geotechnical software to make construction more sustainable, and Sparrow Quantum – that provides disruptive technology for single-photons in quantum computing.

More amazing products are to be showcased at this Portugal IT Investment event, in fields such as Augmented Reality and a new generation of microprocessor for supercomputers.

Portugal is also spearheading the digital development of aerospace. The ISS Tech company has selected Portugal to complement its two headquarters in Copenhagen and Warsaw. The International Space Station (ISS) Portugal is operational since September. The ISS is the largest modular space station in low Earth orbit and is a multinational collaborative project involving NASA (US), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe) and CSA (Canada).

The ISS Portugal space station, that is a research laboratory for different fields of science, will focus of developing scalable digital solutions. This means investing in innovative digital technologies. Portugal was selected as a Space Lab hub due to its thriving tech scene that produces product innovation. Over 100 skilled software engineers will be recruited by the end of 2023 in addition to its existing 750 employees.

Digital Portugal is growing exponentially in all technological fields including leveraging digital engineering for the fast-developing sector of aerospace.



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