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Portuguese company invests in a Time Machine

Portuguese company invests in a Time Machine - portugal news
Portuguese company invests in a Time Machine - Portugal Business News

Portugal investment news – Portuguese company Millennium Bcp is investing in a Time Machine, which is the largest telescope in the world that has a global contract value close to Euros 20 million, through a consortium led by the Ramos Ferreira Group. The Time Machine, that will be located in Chile, is known as the “ELT Extremely Large Telescope”.

The Portuguese consortium will be responsible for carrying out detailed design through the Ramos Ferreira Group. Portuguese bank Millennium BCP will provide the financial support for the operation, together with Portuguese partners and manufacturers who will use quality Portuguese engineering and production. The Extremely Large Telescope will have a pioneering five-mirror optical design that will reveal the universe in great detail.

Extremely large telescopes are considered worldwide to be one of the highest priorities in ground-based astronomy since they will lead to greater advancement of astrophysical knowledge and allow a deeper exploration of our Universe while giving sharper views of cosmic objects than ever before. 

Video of the ELT Time Machine sponsored by Portuguese bank Millennium Bcp:

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