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Portuguese jeans brand continues its global expansion

Portuguese jeans brand continues global expansion - portugal news
Portuguese jeans brand continues global expansion - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese brand Salsa Jeans is continuing its global expansion in Luxembourg, in the United Arab Emirates and in Turkey.


Salsa Jeans, that is fully owned by the Sonae group, is opening its third store in Luxembourg. Éric Santeramo of Feel Good Group Capital stated that the company obtained brand exclusivity for the Luxembourg market where a total of four or five Salsa Jeans stores are expected.


Salsa Jeans is continuing its rapid international expansion and market growth. With a presence in over 40 countries and over 190 stores, the successful internationalization of the Portuguese fashion brand is built on trust.  


Portuguese group Sonae is a multinational that manages a diversified portfolio of businesses in the areas of retail, financial services, technology, real estate and telecommunications. The Sonae Group fashion cluster, Zeitreel, is dedicated to the development of distinctive global fashion brands. The fashion brands portfolio includes Salsa Jeans that specializes in the creation of products with superior technical fits and quality, MO that is an accessible and easy fashion brand for the whole family, as well as Zippy/Losan that is a kids-wear brand.




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