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Top 10 Most-Promising Portuguese Scaleups to Watch

Top 10 Most-Promising Portuguese Scaleups to Watch - portugal news
Top 10 Most-Promising Portuguese Scaleups to Watch - Portugal Business News

Portugal news – Portugal’s Unicorn Factory Lisboa has successfully developed 32 tech scaleups in different sectors with an investment of 245 million euros. The startup accelerator has an eight-month program that increases investments in startups by 80% and fosters partnerships with industry leaders for internationalization. Following the success of the scaling-up program, here are the Top 10 most-promising Portuguese tech scaleups to watch:



Top 10 Most-Promising Portuguese Scaleups to Watch



1 - ZHARTA – WEB3 scaleup


Zharta is a Web3 defi company that is developing the new capital market by providing a financial infrastructure for the metaverse. Zharta is creating liquidity in the NFT market by enabling unbanked instant loans that use NFTs as collateral. Zharta is eliminating the bureaucracy in lending, and giving small investors access to high-quality assets through liquidity syndication, while creating capital efficiency by building fully automated loan pools.



2 – Leadzai – Adtech scaleup

Leadzai is a customer acquisition platform that empowers businesses to grow online. Leadzai believes that the digital advertising market has failed to help companies ensure a satisfactory return on their advertising investments, so the company’s mission is to empower the next 200 million businesses to grow effortlessly.



3 – Musiversal – Audiotech scaleup

Musiversal makes it possible for professionals to collaborate in real time with musicians. Since its inception, Musiversal has performed more than 60,000 sessions, helping musicians produce 30,000 songs, and secured four million dollars in venture capital funding. It was considered the Most Promising Startup in the 2022 edition of the Road 2 Web Summit.


4 – Rauva – Fintech scaleup

Rauva is the first super-app for businesses in Portugal that allows users to open business accounts, make payments, send and track certified invoices, record expenses and issue physical and virtual cards. The super-app is the only 100% digital solution that offers an integrated management, accounting and billing experience, eliminating the need to use multiple platforms. Rauva’s mission is to make entrepreneurship easily accessible for everyone.



5 - SENSEI – Retailtech & AI scaleup

Founded in 2017, Sensei is a Portuguese scaleup that uses the power of computer vision, sensor fusion and AI algorithms to create completely autonomous stores and revolutionize the retail industry. In May 2021, Sensei partnered with the main Portuguese retailer, Sonae. Since then, the company has successfully implemented 7 solutions in Southern Europe and Brazil, where significant growth is expected. The integrated offer of hyper-convenience solutions, such as the Autonomous Store, Autonomous Pod and Autonomous Cabinet, differentiates Sensei and positions the company as one of the main players in the Retail Tech sector.



6 – Bairro – Retailtech & Foodtech scaleup

Bairro is a leading fulfillment operator specializing in urban distribution for both Quick-Commerce and e-commerce logistics. The company is building the future of omnichannel distribution, enabling brands to deliver the next day, the same day, and instant deliveries via multiple sales channels. Bairro helps companies simplify logistics, lower costs and save time with its technology. Bairro also focuses on efficiency and sustainability for the communities in which it operates.


7 – Automaise – AI & Machine Learning scaleup


Automaise Support Genius is a suite of solutions designed to radically optimize customer service operations, including autonomous management of low to medium complexity requests, the improvement of operator response times, and increasing the overall efficiency of operations by more than 50% with a no-code workflow studio.



8 – proGrow - AI & Machine Learning scaleup

proGrow is a platform that converts any equipment or workplace online. With IoT connectivity and state-of-the-art data analytics, proGrow is a web platform dedicated to the forefront of industrial operations. With real-time dashboards and automatic alerts, information spreads quickly and decisions are based on data.



9 – OSCAR – Home Services tech scaleup

OSCAR is an on-demand home services app with over 150 fixed-price repair, cleaning, and laundry services. It was launched in Portugal in 2021, where it holds the market-leading position, and has recently expanded to Madrid. The company is experiencing 50% QoQ growth, achieving an annual GMV of over €4.6 million, with strong unit economics.



10 – DIDIMO – Gaming tech scaleup

Didimo is the leading creator of highly reliable 3D digital characters. With a patented 4-time Generative AI tech platform, Didimo can quickly generate highly reliable, fully animable and customizable digital characters for use at any touch point or digital experience. This innovative technology allows game titles, metaverses and retailers to fill their immersive experiences in minutes instead of months and save up to 80% of traditional character costs.








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