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What are the 5 ways of becoming a Digital Nomad in Portugal?

What are the 5 ways of becoming a Digital Nomad in Portugal?
What are the 5 ways of becoming a Digital Nomad in Portugal? - Portugal Business News

Portugal news – What are the 5 ways of becoming a Digital Nomad to experience living and working in Portugal?

There are 5 ways of becoming a Digital Nomad, and you may explore which one is best suited to your personality, according to a study by anthropologist Dave Cook.

Type 1 Digital Nomad is a freelancer who loves the freedom to work from anywhere and to do what he loves best, be it blogging, vlogging, becoming a travel guide, a photographer, a digital marketer, or a lifestyle coach.

Type 2 Digital Nomad is a business owner who has suppliers and an e-commerce platform.

Type 3 Digital Nomad is someone who prefers to keep a salaried job, but to work remotely. Since the lockdown, there is an increasing number of people who choose the security of working for a company and the adventure of working from exotic locations with a rich cultural experience such as sunny Portugal.

Type 4 Digital Nomad loves new experiences but is only prepared to commit a few weeks to experience the lifestyle. This is usually for the person who is not sure of what he really wants and who enjoys getting to know people from the Digital Nomad community and to socialize with them.

Type 5 Digital Nomad is a person who never leaves home, but who simply loves following those who are living the Digital Nomad lifestyle!

If one of the ways of experiencing the Digital Nomad lifestyle in person suits your personality, you may become one of the trend-setters who are choosing to experience life in the different Digital Nomad hubs in Portugal; be it overlooking the sea in the Algarve, being part of the Ponta do Sol community on the island of Madeira, or meeting-up with the cosmopolitan groups of expats in the trendy cities of Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra.

Portugal is now trending with Digital Nomads as the country has a Digital Nomad Visa since the end of October 2022. The main requirement for obtaining a Digital Nomad visa is having proof of a minimum monthly income of EUR 3,040, and applications may be sent online via VFS Global or via the nearest Consulate of Portugal.


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