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Malika Hartmann
Mar 14, 2024
In Portugal Business Network
Portugal – March 04th, 2024 – eGamesLab, an initiative with governmental backing located in Madeira, Portugal, proudly announces its leadership role in unveiling the first-ever Portuguese Pavilion at the esteemed Game Developers Conference (GDC). This significant endeavor showcases Portugal's emerging role as a key player in the international gaming sector. "It is with great honor that we represent Portugal at the global forum of GDC," stated Cláudio Pestana, Project Manager at eGamesLab. "Our participation reflects our country's rich ecosystem of developers and studios, and we are eager to present our national capabilities on this prestigious platform." A Unified Showcase of Portuguese Talent and Innovation The pavilion will unite a formidable delegation of 15 studios, merging eight eGamesLab entities with those affiliated with the Portuguese Videogame Producers Association (APVP). This concerted effort highlights a national strategy to empower the gaming industry, featuring: • Blockchain Revolution: Showcasing Yacooba's expertise in blockchain gaming, this studio stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Not only are they pioneers in developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions for the gaming industry, but Yacooba has also been honored as one of the four finalists for the "Best Blockchain Application Award" at the Wales Technology Awards. • Governmental Endorsement: The anticipated visit of Pedro Pinto, the Portuguese consul in San Francisco, symbolizes strong governmental support for the gaming sector, underscoring the importance of this industry to Portugal's economic and creative landscape. • Emerging Talent: One Way Eleven/WOWSystems, a pioneering studio within the eGamesLab initiative, is set to showcase their game "Hanno" to a global audience of investors, having been chosen from hundreds of entries for the prestigious GDC Pitch session. Strategic Collaboration for Sectoral Advancement eGamesLab exemplifies strategic leadership in facilitating industry-wide collaboration, aiming to catalyze growth within the Portuguese game development landscape. "The collaboration between APVP and eGamesLab studios is a testament to Portugal's united strength in game development," remarked Cláudio Pestana. "This collective endeavor at GDC is set to enhance visibility and foster opportunities for the Portuguese gaming sector." The Magnificent Seven Discover our seven trailblazing studios: WOWSystems enriches the eGamesLab consortium with HCI, cognitive psychology, and AI; Yacooba elevates online gaming with blockchain innovation; Redcatpig's new project blends competitive gameplay with a focus on environmental activism; Infinity Games Studio investigates the cognitive effects of puzzle gaming; WalkMe Mobile combines education with the latest VR/AR tech; FootAR energizes fantasy sports with AR and 5G; and Fapptory creates compelling narratives using advanced AI. Together, they're setting new industry benchmarks! Visit Us at GDC The Portuguese Pavilion, located at Booth S1057 during GDC, welcomes media and industry professionals to engage with the developers and explore the extensive capabilities of Portuguese gaming innovation. About eGamesLab eGamesLab stands as a pivotal gaming hub in Portugal, forging strategic alliances with global academic and technological powerhouses such as Carnegie-Mellon University and Amazon Web Services GameTech. This collaboration extends to partnerships with industry titans like Sony PlayStation and Dell’s Alienware, significantly boosting Portugal's presence and innovative prowess in the international gaming arena. eGamesLab is dedicated to driving innovation by connecting with key global centers, including Copenhagen's vibrant gaming industry, the prestigious University of Canterbury, and the world-leading Human Interface Technology pioneers at HitLab. For further details, please visit our website at or reach out to our Public Relations representative:

Malika Hartmann

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