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Portuguese company Coverflex acquires EatsReady

Portuguese company Coverflex acquires EatsReady -
Portuguese company Coverflex acquires EatsReady - Portugal Business News

Portuguese company Coverflex just acquired EatsReady, an Italian company providing digital meal vouchers. Coverflex, that just obtained an investment of EUR 15 million, is now extending operations to the Italian market.

Coverflex developed an app and a card to provide a wide array of benefits aimed at increasing customer loyalty for companies.

This is their 4th acquisition since the company was launched in 2021 and the acquisition of EatsReady includes a client portfolio of 50 companies as well as a network of over 2,000 customers that include restaurants, supermarkets and online delivery services. The customers of EatsReady will be migrated to the Coverflex platform.

The Portuguese company chose an innovative startup in Italy to extend to their first foreign market since Italy has a strong demand for the digital management of customer benefits. A large number of Italian companies are seeking new ways of encouraging loyalty through intermediaries that are not flexible enough. Coverflex intends to bridge the gap with an innovative self-service solution that is fully digital for the management of benefits, discounts and meal vouchers.

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