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Portuguese filigree now has an exclusive brand

Portuguese filigree now has an exclusive brand - portugal news
Portuguese Princess Maria Francisca of Braganza wearing Portuguese filigree - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese filigree, an ancestral Portuguese goldsmithing technique, now has an exclusive certification brand, the Contrastaria brand.


Portuguese filigree will now be certified with the exclusive Contrastaria brand following the agreement signed between the public body INCM and the Municipalities of Gondomar in the district of Porto, and of Póvoa de Lanhoso in the district of Braga, where goldsmithing through the ancient art of filigree is the main activity due to the gold mines that used to be dotted around the region.


Filigree is a goldsmithing technique that joins fine chains of gold into an intricate and airy piece of art through a smelting technique that makes it possible to produce a piece of gold jewelry without resorting to the use of another material or alloy.  


During the 17th century, Portuguese filigree already had its own unique imagery and molds that mostly represent nature, religion and love. Portuguese filigree represents nature with fish, shells, waves, and flowers; or religion with crosses, as well as love symbolized by hearts such as the iconic Heart of Viana that was first worn by Queen Maria I of Portugal in the 18th Century.  


Portugal’s new filigree certification brand guarantees the authenticity of the ancient Portuguese filigree goldsmithing technique, that has obtained the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Portugal in 2023, and protects the ancient handmade technique from industrial imitations that distort its essence and confuse consumers.

See the new Portuguese filigree Contrastaria certification brand image:

Portuguese filigree Contrastaria certification brand image - Portugal Business News



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