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Pepe Jeans takes fashionistas to Lisbon

Pepe Jeans takes fashionistas to Lisbon - portugal news
Pepe Jeans takes fashionistas to Lisbon - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - The Pepe Jeans brand takes fashionistas to Lisbon for its new Spring campaign video.


“Take me somewhere” is the tagline for the Spring 2024 campaign of fashion brand Pepe Jeans that entices fashionistas with views of Lisbon’s red roofs overlooking the sparkling sea. The video campaign shows a group of trendy young people having fun strolling around the charming streets with its historic building façades covered with blue azulejos tiles and devouring the famous Portuguese custard tart, the Pastel de Nata.  


While the international campaign for the Pepe Jeans Spring collection is inspired by the feeling of wanderlust, Lisbon reflects the eclectic urban spirit that characterizes the brand. In some countries, the fashion brand’s campaign includes images of Lisbon that are transformed into postcards, inviting the fashion set to visit the Pepe jeans outlets in Portugal.


Lisbon is the new trending city for luxury and fashion brands as well as movie producers. Following the success of the movie Poor Things that showcases a reproduction of Lisbon where the heroine delights in Portuguese custard tarts and fado music, luxury brands such as Porsche and fashion brands such as Nike are also choosing to film their video campaigns in Portugal.

Here is the Pepe Jeans Spring 2024 video campaign:

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