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Portuguese Sardine canned in movie Poor Things

Portuguese Sardine canned in movie Poor Things - Portugal news
Portuguese Sardine canned in movie Poor Things - Portugal Business News

Portugal brands news – The brand Portuguese Sardine is canned in the movie Poor Things with Emma Stone, while the fantastic Portuguese store is a branding success and is attracting crowds in Times Square.


Since sardines are best when they are canned in Portugal, they are in the can in the movie Poor Things where Bella Baxter (Emma Stone) discovers the wonders of Portuguese cuisine, and especially of sardines and of the creamy pastries “pastéis de nata”, while she falls in love with the Portuguese fado music of Carminho.


The brand Portuguese Sardine partnered with Searchlight Pictures, that is a division of Walt Disney Studios, to showcase their product with the movie Poor Things. Bella Baxter discovers the fantastic world of the Portuguese Sardine, and the advertising campaign was made possible through a concept developed by O Valor do Tempo, that is a business group that owns the historic Comur cannery in Portugal. The Portuguese group won the Creative Brand Award, by TNews for the speciaql edition “the Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardines”.


The delicious, canned sardines endorsed by Bella Baxter are part of a limited edition that is available at the New York store in Times Square until February 28th. The end of the launch of the fantastic Portuguese sardines coincides with the Oscars ceremony, in which the movie “Poor Things” is nominated for 11 categories, including the soundtrack that includes fado music “O Quarto” by Portuguese singer Carminho.


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