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Portugal's Green Digital Start-Up Vouchers

Portugal's Green Digital Start-Up Vouchers -
Portugal's Green Digital Start-Up Vouchers - Portugal Business News

Portugal is launching Start-Up Vouchers for new Green and Digital products under the Resilience and Recovery Plan of Next Generation EU. The vouchers will provide support amounting to EUR 30.000 for each start-up established in Portugal in the Green and Digital sectors.

Portugal’s total allocation for the project amounts to EUR 90 million and the first tender for a total amount of EUR 45 million is now being launched. The deadline for the selection of the fist companies to benefit from the support is February 25, 2023. Following this first period, the selection of beneficiaries will be on a quarterly basis.

Start-up Portugal is a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Portugal. It is the link between the Government and the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, business incubators, investors and institutions.

The new Green Digital Start-Up Vouchers issued by Start-Up Portugal follow its other initiatives that include the Start-up Visa, the Tech Visa, the One Stop Shop, the Start-up Hub as well as the Missions Abroad projects and the Go Global webinars.

Start-Up Portugal is also the body that is responsible for the National Network of Incubators, the “Rede Nacional de Incubadoras” (RNI) that identifies, connects and supports incubators as well as accelerators for start-ups. Under these programmes, the Portuguese body has already certified over 150 incubators.

The new Green Digital Start-Up Vouchers are for start-up projects that have Digital business models with a strong Green component in order to ensure sustainability. This may include Tech sectors and businesses that have a Research and Development component that will lead to the development of innovative goods and services.

The eligibility criteria for obtaining Green Digital Vouchers include companies incorporated in Portugal that are less than ten years old and that are categorized as SMEs. Beneficiaries will be able to use the Vouchers to pay for human resources, for costs linked to accreditation and to Intellectual Property Rights, for the purchase or lease of equipment and for business process digitization.

Start-ups that would like to benefit from Portugal’s new Green Digital Vouchers may apply online on the Balcão dos Fundos that is co-funded by the EU.

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