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Portuguese exports reach EUR 65.385 M

Portuguese exports reach EUR 65.385 M -
Portuguese exports reach EUR 65.385 M - Portugal Business News

Portuguese exports of goods reach EUR 65.385 million for the period January to October 2022, showing a 25.2% increase compared to 2021. The main export markets are Spain, France and Germany.

According to AICEP, exports of goods to the EU market increased by 23.8% for the same period, representing a share of 70.4% of total exports. Spain is the main export market with 26% of goods exported and an export value that has reached EUR 3.196 million, that is an increase of 23.1%. Within the EU, the value of exports to Germany increased by 24.2% and to France increased by 17.8%.

The value of goods exported outside the EU has increased by 28.5% compared to 2021 and accounts for 29.6% of total exports. The USA and the UK are the main export markets outside the EU, with the value of exports to the USA increasing by 48.6%.

The main export sectors are Machinery and Apparatus that account for a share of 13.7% of goods exported, followed by Vehicles and Other Transport Equipment that account for a share of 12% of goods exported.

Portuguese growth sectors include Mineral Fuels with exports that increased by 80.3%, Machinery and Apparatus that increased by 18.5%, Chemicals that increased by 39.6% and Base Metals that increased by 26.2%.

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