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Siemens Portugal wins contract in Turkey

Siemens Portugal wins contract in Turkey - portugal news
Siemens Portugal wins contract in Turkey - Portugal Business News

Made in Portugal news – Siemens Portugal won a large contract to export EV chargers to Turkey. Made in Portugal EV chargers will be installed on highways and shopping centers throughout Turkey.


Siemens Portugal, that is headquartered in Amadora in the district of Lisbon, won a contract to supply EV chargers to Turkish company Astor Enerji AS, that is listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange (Borsa Istanbul) under the code ASTOR since January 2023.


The Siemens EV chargers are SICHARGE D fast chargers that charge in up to 15 minutes. Siemens Portugal will supply 200 EV fast chargers and digital services to Astor Enerji, that is a manufacturer of transformer and switchgear products and that plans to build charging stations throughout Turkey. Astor Enerji intends to set up chargers every 200 kilometers along highways all over Turkey and at shopping malls.


As part of the contract, Siemens will also provide backend software to monitor the configuration through the use of cloud applications. The charger management system includes payment modules, membership options, and energy pricing.


The number of electric vehicles in Turkey is expected to reach 2.5 million within 10 years, according to Feridun Geçgel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Astor Enerji. The Turkish EV market is growing at a fast pace and projections indicate that Turkey´s charging station infrastructure will increase around 50 percent by 2030, when up to two million electric cars are expected to be on the road in the country.


Siemens Portugal has produced more than 1,900 EV chargers since 2020, with around 95% of its production being exported to countries such as Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Vietnam, Australia, and England. Made in Portugal Siemens products and services are exported to the 5 continents from centers of excellence in the areas of energy, infrastructure, information technologies, shared services and application laboratories.


The Siemens Portugal factory in Corroios was chosen to produce the brand’s new generation of electric chargers due to the availability of the associated management system developed by the Siemens e-Bus Competence Center based in Portugal, thus linking Research and Development to the production chain.


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