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Spanish IoT Satellite manufacturer invests in Portugal

Spanish IoT Satellite manufacturer invests in Portugal - portugal news
Spanish IoT Satellite manufacturer invests in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Spanish IoT Satellite manufacturer, FOSSA Systems, invests in an R&D center in Portugal, citing the fact that Portugal is an emerging country in the Space industry.


Spanish company FOSSA Systems, that specializes in providing satellite connectivity services, has chosen Portugal to set-up their R&D and Innovation center. The company develops dedicated IoT satellites and constellations for businesses, governments, and institutions.


In the NASA State-of-the-Art of Small Spacecraft Technology 2023 report, FOSSA Systems is among the three Spanish companies that are highlighted for using the latest technology for small spacecraft and CubeSats.


Research and development for cutting-edge satellite technology will now be done in Portugal where a team of highly qualified professionals will develop innovative solutions:


"Portugal is emerging as a key player in the new space economy. FOSSA's presence here means a new avenue for innovative local solutions in the field of advances in satellites and IoT," stated Roberto Carlos Medina, R&D Engineer at FOSSA Systems Portugal.




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