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3 Portuguese entrepreneurs on Forbes 30 under 30

3 Portuguese entrepreneurs on Forbes 30 under 30 - portugal news
3 Portuguese entrepreneurs on Forbes 30 under 30 - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - 3 Portuguese entrepreneurs make it on the Forbes list of 30 under 30 Europe 2024 edition.


10% of Europe’s top young entrepreneurs are Portuguese, highlighting the impact of Portugal’s startup ecosystem on the new generation of entrepreneurs. With the total funding raised by the top 30 young entrepreneurs in Europe amounting to one billion dollars, the quality and innovation of Portuguese startups seems promising for the country’s economic growth.


Two of the young Portuguese entrepreneurs that make it on the Forbes list of 30 under 30 created Fintech startups. Pedro Braz is the co-founder of HelpMeChoose, while Pedro Gomes is the founder of WalletConnect.


HelpMeChoose, a startup incubated by Uptech, is an online marketplace that tests and reviews financial products. The company's international clients, that include Revolut, Wise, and eToro, pay for placement on the platform. Since its 2021 launch, HelpMeChoose surpassed 1 million users, while its flagship product, "investingintheweb," allows customers to compare investment platforms.


WalletConnect was awarded a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to build a protocol to enable all types of wallets and decentralized applications to connect with one another. Today, the protocol enables interoperability between 500+ wallets and 3,000+ apps across 150+ chains. WalletConnect has 4 million monthly users and raised $25 million from investors that include Union Square Ventures and Shopify.


The third young Portuguese entrepreneur to make it on the Forbes list of 30 under 30, Martim Perestrelo, operates in the field of Industrial Tech. He is the cofounder of Tether, a software company that analyzes, predicts, and optimizes EV charging schedules by partnering with charge point operators, e-mobility service providers and other energy management systems. Since EV batteries are unused 95% of the time, Tether optimizes idle EVs sitting at charging stations by helping charging station businesses earn passive revenue from Tether by bidding for free battery capacity on the EU electricity markets. Since its founding in late 2022, Tether has raised almost $350,000 from business angel funds like Hustle Fund and Precursor Ventures.





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