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Portuguese technology on 62% of Singapore’s buses

Portuguese technology on 62% of Singapore’s buses - portugal news
Portuguese technology on 62% of Singapore’s buses - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese startup Stratio supplies technology on 62% of Singapore’s buses.


Portuguese startup Stratio has developed pioneer technology for the world’s first predictive fleet maintenance platform. The Portuguese technology is now installed on around 62% of buses operated by SBS Transit Ltd, Singapore’s public transport company. SBS Transit is the largest public bus operator in Singapore with a fleet of over 3,400 buses and is one of the two major operators of Singapore's rail services.


Founded in 2017, Portuguese tech startup Stratio is the world’s leading real-time predictive fleet maintenance platform trusted by fleet operators in Europe, North America, Asia-pacific, and Latin America, enabling zero downtime for 5 of the 10 largest transportation companies in the world.  


Stratio uses cutting-edge AI technology that was developed at the Pedro Nunes Institute incubator in Coimbra. The predictive maintenance system revolutionizes the way in which public transport operators guarantee service excellency to passengers, ensuring that there is no service interruption for passengers.


This partnership between the Portuguese technology company and Singapore marks the first-ever deployment of predictive maintenance on a large scale. The technology provides maintenance teams with real-time visibility over critical systems and components such as brakes, electric systems, and fluid levels, with the capacity to remotely monitor data for over 200 vehicle parameters. This new collaboration strengthens Singapore’s reputation for having one of the finest transportation systems globally.






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