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Portuguese company developing BMW technology grows 30%

Portuguese company developing BMW technology grows 30% - portugal news
Portuguese company developing BMW technology grows 30% - Portugal Business News

Automotive brands made in Portugal news – Portuguese company that develops BMW technology, Critical TechWorks, has registered a 30% growth in 2023.


The luxury automotive brand BMW uses software technology developed by Portuguese company Critical TechWorks that is based in Porto. The successful Portuguese joint venture with BMW, that registered a high revenue growth in 2023 that was 30% more compared to 127 million euros in 2022, has a 35% growth forecast for 2024. The rising growth rates are accompanied by the same percentage increase in number of employees to reach 2,900 people by the end of 2024.  


Through a partnership between BMW Group that holds 51% of shares and Critical Software that holds 49% of shares, Portuguese company Critical TechWorks plans to develop mobility solutions of the future, from vehicle development for connected cars and autonomous driving, to data intelligence, electrification, and production.


All BMW technology is developed by Portuguese company Critical TechWorks, including autonomous driving, infotainment, and manufacturing processes. The Portuguese technology operates the new BMW i5 and i7 vehicles that were just launched, with the autopilot software for autonomous driving on motorways at up to 60 kilometers/hour. It is also the technology that operates the new Mini with its new round LCD cockpit concept.  


Critical TechWorks is currently developing a new class of BMW vehicles built on platforms using advanced technology. The technology being developed includes driver assistance where the driver's level of attention are monitored to prevent accidents and allow autonomous driving.


The Portuguese technology used in BMW vehicles is fueled by the principles of agile software development that will disrupt and transform the automotive sector while improving driver and passenger safety.



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