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Portuguese EV Charging brand Powerdot raises EUR 100 M

Portuguese EV Charging brand Powerdot raises EUR 100 M - portugal news
Portuguese EV Charging brand Powerdot raises EUR 100 M - Portugal Business News

Portugal investment news - Portuguese EV Charging brand Powerdot raises 100 million euros to extend its mobility network across Europe.


Powerdot is one of the fastest-growing owners and operators of charging points for electric vehicles in Europe due to its innovative business model. The company, that is also Portugal’s largest independent EV charging operator, just raised 100 million euros through a funding round led by Antin Infrastructure Partners, that is listed on Euronext Paris, and Portuguese group Grupo Arié. This additional investment follows an investment of 150 million euros made in 2022 by Antin Infrastructure Partners that is one of the world’s leading infrastructure firms with over €30 billion in assets under management.


The Portuguese EV charging brand Powerdot intends to revolutionize the European EV charging landscape and to expand its network of charging stations in its current markets that include Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland.


In 2023, Powerdot has registered an exceptional growth of 201% for its charging stations and of 218% for its kWh consumption, thus extending its network to over 5,000 charging points across 1,300 locations. The additional investment will make it possible for the Portuguese operator to deploy nearly 10,000 additional charging points across 1,400 locations.


The Powerdot EV charging stations brand currently includes a network of 3,700 charging points in France, an export market that is experiencing a remarkable 500% year-on-year growth in kWh consumption. In Spain, the brand’s market penetration has already increased to 300 charging points, while in Portugal the company has a network coverage of 1,300 charging points.


The Portuguese EV charging stations operator has ambitious development plans across Europe where the brand is set to redefine the EV charging landscape and to propel the continent towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.







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