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Dakar Trophy places Portuguese brand in limelight

Dakar Trophy places Portuguese brand in limelight - portugal news
Dakar Trophy places Portuguese brand in limelight - Portugal Business News

Portugal brands news – The Dakar 2024 Veteran Trophy winner Mário Patrão placed Portuguese brand Crédito Agrícola in the limelight. “Portugal: the 1st place in the Veteran Trophy class is Ours!", exclaimed Mário Patrão following his Dakar victory.


Portuguese Dakar motorcycle champion Mário Patrão won the Veteran Trophy at the 2024 Dakar Rally and placed the brand name of Portuguese bank Crédito Agrícola in the limelight.


Crédito Agrícola is the Portuguese bank with the largest banking network, according to Licínio Pina, President of the Agrícola Group. This is why sponsoring the Portuguese Dakar champion is the right choice for conquering new frontiers.


The Dakar Veteran Trophy winner, who also won the trophy in 2023, excelled at the controls of the new Honda CRF 450 RS2 Rally motorcycle for the Dakar 2024, the most important off-road competition in the world.


Motorcycle racing champion Mário Patrão has a career that is linked to the brand name Crédito Agrícola since 2006, and he has won many trophies since then.


Portuguese bank Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo obtained an investment grade rating by Moody’s, that raised its Baseline Credit Assessment by one level, from “ba1” to “ baa3 ” on May 26th 2023.




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