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Discover Portugal’s fascinating Dino Park

Discover Portugal’s fascinating Dino Park - portugal news
Discover Portugal’s fascinating Dino Park - Portugal Business News

Portugal travel and tourism news - Discover Portugal’s fascinating Dino Park, the country’s largest open-air museum that is located in Lisbon, in an area where paleontologists discovered 100 dinosaur eggs.

While traveling to Portugal, a must-see activity that is an exciting learning experience for both kids and adults is the Dino Park where your family will be able to go on a journey of millions of years and discover lots of dinosaurs in a vast open-air museum.

Discover the fabulous history of Dinosaurs on a visit to the Dino theme park where your family will be able to see 200 full-scale, scientifically proven models of dinosaurs and other animals. The family-friendly theme park is the largest open-air exhibition in Europe and covers 10 hectares as well as 6 tracks, that each lead to the discovery of the most important periods of Earth’s history as well as 200 dinosaur species.

The Dino theme park includes a Sea Monsters trail as well as a Cenozoic Ice Age trail and your kids will be able to have a fun day out in Portugal while visiting the fantastic world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

These are the 6 exciting trails to discover at Portugal’s Dino Park:

1 - The Paleozoic track - The Paleozoic Era began around 419 million years ago. Here your family will be able to discover the amazing animals that inhabited the Earth before the appearance of giant dinosaurs.

2 – The Triassic track - It was during the Triassic period when several types of dinosaurs first appeared.

3 – The Jurassic track - Lourinhã in Lisbon is one of the richest areas in the world in terms of Jurassic remains. Here your family will be able to observe unique species such as the Diplodocus Hallorum that is around 45 metres long.

4 – The Cretaceous track - It is during this period that the most famous dinosaur species such as the T. Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) and the Triceratops roamed the Earth and it is at the end of this period that the extinction of dinosaurs took place.

5 – The Sea Monsters track - On this trail your family will be able to observe animals that ruled the lakes, seas, and oceans from 450 million years ago until today.

6 – The Cenozoic track - Although much of this Era was quite warm, the last millions of years ushered in one of the most important periods of Earth’s history: the Ice Age.

Learning is fun and the fascinating world of paleontology and the eras of dinosaurs are waiting for your kids to immerse themselves on a voyage of discovery where they will be able to become paleontologists for a day!

The Dino Park Museum is soon to receive over 100 fossils of the most ancient dinosaur in Europe, a Plateosaurus that was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. Swiss museum Sauriermuseum Frick will be sending them for further research, and they will also be exhibited. The Plateosaurus is a giant dinosaur that lived during the Triassic period in central Europe, Germany, and Switzerland.

A day surrounded by dinosaurs would not be complete without a visit to the restaurant and souvenir shop for a keepsake to remind your kids of a memorable experience.

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