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Facial recognition speeds-up check-in in Portugal

Facial recognition speeds-up check-in in Portugal - portugal news
Facial recognition speeds-up check-in in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal travel news - Facial recognition speeds-up check-in in Portuguese airports by associating the passenger's face with his boarding card if he registers by taking a selfie.


“One look is enough to board” is the new motto in Portuguese airports since January 2024. Biometrics are now available to improve the airport experience for passengers who board flights in Portugal.


While airport check-in using facial recognition is now available in Lisbon and Porto airports, it will only be available during the second half of 2024 in the Faro, Madeira and Ponta Delgada airports.

How does facial recognition in Portuguese airports work?


Facial recognition in Portuguese airports is an optional service that is available for intra-EU flights for passengers of legal age who hold a citizen’s card. To use the service, passengers can either download the app that is called Biometric Experience - ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, or they may register on the devices available at the airport. The app scans the citizen’s card or passport, as well as the boarding pass. When this is done, the passenger takes a selfie, and the biometric data that is in the system means that the passenger does not need to present his id and boarding pass again.


Travelling using the biometrics software available in Portuguese airports ensures that passengers no longer need to queue to present documents, thus speeding-up check-in. Moreover, the biometric data of passengers is deleted once they have boarded their flight.






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