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How Game of Thrones is a Gamechanger for Portugal’s Unbabel

How Game of Thrones is a Gamechanger for Portugal’s Unbabel -
How Game of Thrones is a Gamechanger for Portugal’s Unbabel - Portugal Business News

The Game of Thrones super-brand links followers of all languages and cultures through a unique Brand Language that stands out from competition. When David J. Peterson created the Dothraki tongue for Game of Thrones, it inspired millions of fans worldwide who suddenly spoke a unique common language.

Game of Thrones became a game-changer for successful marketing strategies, as it demonstrated how Brand Language could be used to communicate with fans over all platforms. It showed how a brand could come to life and inspire conversations in all the world’s languages. With the limitless possibilities of AI, constructed languages with unique brand identities can create Customer Experience strategies on a global scale. In this new AI era, brands can communicate their unique Brand Language to develop a common tongue, a language that comes to life and prospers, a tongue that becomes the driving force that underpins brand loyalty across cultures.

Studies have shown that 68% of consumers worldwide will switch to a different brand that offers products and communication in their native language, which is why companies are turning to AI to speak a common language.

The Game of Thrones super-brand has 33 million viewers per episode in more than 170 countries. A unique Brand Language was constructed to inspire fervent followers. Professional conlanger, David J. Peterson developed the Dothraki and High Valyrian languages that created a wave of super-fans and propelled the brand. It not only became the top TV show globally but became a cultural phenomenon. It became so famous and beloved that online language-learning platform Duolingo partnered with Peterson to teach High Valyrian.

Successful branding tactics use language identity to build brand loyalty and brand superfans. This has inspired Portuguese LangOps AI platform Unbabel to partner with Zendesk’s messaging solution, in order to facilitate multi-lingual communication across websites and messaging channels, such as WhatsApp for business, as well as social media channels.

AI is a powerful tool for Brand Language, where word choice and tone are the two fundamental components. Word choice is the unique vocabulary that is used, while tone refers to the brand’s culture and visual identity. This allows companies and products to be recognizable globally, to get the attention of consumers and to retain followers. Brand Language is part of a company’s intellectual property and competitive advantage as competing brands may not be allowed to use it.

In his book Brand Sense, Martin Lindstrom explains how companies can own words by creating strong links between words and brands. He provides the example of the Disney super-brand that is linked to the words “magic” and “kingdom”. The Disney super-brand has the largest number of words linked to one specific brand. Brand Language recognition is a strategy that is also used for successful political campaigns.

Success tactics to create brand superfans through language have been used in the past and have become timeless. This is the case for J.R.R. Tolkein, who developed new Elvish languages Quenya and Sindarin. Other examples include the 2 million Esperanto speakers worldwide that led to the constructed language to be recognized by UNESCO as an official language in 1954.

The prequel to Game of Thrones, 'House of the Dragon', contains scenes filmed in Portugal, in identifiable locations in the village of Monsanto. The fortress-town, that is at an altitude of 600 metres, dates back to the time of the Knights Templar. The location has unique characteristics such as imposing castles, mysterious grottos and giant rock formations that have been linked to the Game of Thrones brand. Brands connect cultures and languages, from the Dothraki language to High Valyrian, these game-changers create a community of faithful followers. This has led brands to create innovative and disruptive ways of targeting audiences.

We are now on the verge of a new era, where AI technology is used for disrupting traditional methods in different tech sectors, such as the digital, manufacturing, robotics, genomics, biotechnology and renewable energy sectors.

The Game of Thrones super-brand is a Gamechanger for AI tech companies such as Portugal’s Unbabel that is trail-blazing the way towards technological disruption. As it is rightly said in the Sindarin tongue spoken by the Grey Elves of Telerin: “I ambar na-anew!”, that is “The world is anew!”

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