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Investment of EUR 80 M in Portuguese BioShoes4All

Investment of EUR 80 M in Portuguese BioShoes4All -
Investment of EUR 80 M in Portuguese BioShoes4All - Portugal Business News

An investment of EUR 80 million in Portuguese BioShoes4All is spearheading the industry for a more sustainable bioeconomy.

Since 9 out of 10 pairs of shoes are made in Asia, do you think this is sustainable? This is the question raised by Portugal’s BioShoes4All consortium that comprises 70 partners with leather goods, footwear, technology and research companies. The leading entity is Portuguese footwear association APICCAPS and the project is led by Portugal’s footwear technological centre CTCP.

The BioShoes4All project is divided into five pillars, namely biomaterials, ecological footwear, circular economy, advanced production technologies and training, as well as promotion.

The ambitious project aims at inducing a radical change in the materials, technologies and processes in the footwear sector. This is made possible by at least 69 partners from different sectors, including design, biological resources, leather, polymers, composites, chemical products, machine manufacturers, communication and information technologies, logistics, waste recovery as well as market visionaries.

Portugal’s BioShoes4All research project, that started in July 2022 and will be completed in June 2024, will lead to the development and production of new biomaterials and components that are based on the principles of a circular bioeconomy. With the creation of new concepts of eco-products, new technologies that will add value to post-consumption waste and ensure the traceability of the entire value chain, as well as the use of AI, the project will transform the entire footwear industry in line with the objectives set out in Portugal's Economic Recovery Plan for 2020-2030.

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