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Portugal’s Ivens Explorers Hotel wins Best Visual Identity award

Portugal’s Ivens Explorers Hotel wins Best Visual Identity award -
Portugal’s Ivens Explorers Hotel wins Best Visual Identity award - Portugal Business News

Portugal’s Ivens Explorers Hotel just won the Best Visual Identity award by AHEAD Europe. The Lisbon hotel is the only one to obtain the prestigious award out of 220 pre-selected hotels in 23 countries. The jury was comprised of hoteliers, architects, interior designers and industry leaders. The Visual Identity award distinguishes components such as the name and visual aspects which create authenticity that is reminiscent of the country’s history.

The Ivens Explorers Hotel recognizes Portuguese explorer Roberto Ivens who was born in 1850 and who chartered parts of Africa as a geographer and colonial administrator. The expeditions in 1877 and 1885 took place while Portugal had ongoing bilateral negotiations with Britain. In 1885, Roberto Ivens chartered the Contracosta coast between Angola and Mozambique as requested by King Luís I. During that time, the Berlin Conference introduced the principle of effective occupation, thus damaging Portuguese claims in Mozambique. Despite the outcome of the conference, Portuguese Foreign Minister Barros Gomes published the Pink Map, that represented a formal Portuguese claim to sovereignty over an area stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. This led to a treaty with France and Germany in 1886 to take note of Portugal’s claim to an area between Angola and Mozambique.

Portuguese 1886 Pink Map -
Portuguese 1886 Pink Map - Portugal Business News

A species of African lizard, Lubuya Ivensii, was named in honor of Roberto Ivens and in 2019, TAP Air Portugal named an Airbus A321 after him.

The Ivens Explorers Hotel, that is located where Rádio Renascença used to operate in Chiado and is steeped in history, is recognized by the AHEAD Hospitality Awards for the commercial viability of its visual identity. The hotel also ranks 6th in the Top 10 awards by Condé Nast Traveler in 2022.

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