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Lisbon bets on eVTOL aircraft

Lisbon bets on eVTOL aircraft - portugal news
Lisbon bets on eVTOL aircraft - Portugal Business News

Portugal news – Lisbon is preparing for a future where Air Electric Mobility will revolutionize the transport sector with eVTOL aircraft.


Since eVTOL aircraft allow for Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing, it is seen as the ideal air transport solution for metropolitan areas. This is why the Municipality of Oeiras, that is in Lisbon’s metropolitan area, has signed a MoU with the Magellan 500 consortium to implement an Air Electric Mobility project in the Lisbon metropolis.


Lisbon’s Air Electric Mobility project is intended for passenger transport and involves the installation of vertiports for aircraft bases and eVTOL aircraft for vertical take-off. The future of Lisbon’s urban air mobility will be electric, and the project is expected to be implemented within six years.


The technology that is being developed for eVTOL aircraft will reshape the future of cities, and Lisbon intends to revolutionize its air transport network to contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of urban transport. The benefits of the project include low environmental impact and less noise, as well as cruising speeds of over 250 km/h.


According to the project promoters, Magellan 500, several eVTOL prototypes are currently in the development and testing phase, involving more than 70 manufacturers working on innovative solutions for this transport mode.


The Magellan 500 project is a global vision for the development of air transport in Portugal, starting with the future construction of the airport in Santarém that is located north of Lisbon. The new airport is expected to be around 30 minutes from Lisbon and 45 minutes from Coimbra in Central Portugal. The Magellan 500 promoters are the Barraqueiro Group, that is a Portuguese conglomerate responsible for more than 30 transportation companies in Portugal.


The Portuguese conglomerate intends to develop, in the first phase, the vertiports that will serve as quick access between Oeiras and the rest of Lisbon’s metropolitan area. Subsequently, the aim is to operate a network of vertiports for eVTOL aircraft bases throughout the national territory.


In the coming years, new electric vertical mobility solutions are expected to appear in Lisbon’s skyline and eVTOL aircraft may soon become part of Portugal’s sustainable transport network.





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