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Made-in-Portugal Platform

Made-in-Portugal Platform -
Made-in-Portugal Platform - Portugal Business News

The Government of Portugal is launching an online platform to boost exports of Made-in-Portugal products. Portuguese suppliers that would like to use this new platform to promote their products are invited to register online. The Portugal Concept Store is a new export platform that will soon be launched for the French and Spanish markets to promote the Made-in-Portugal brand.

The future is made of sustainable products that are created by generations of craftsmen and that are developed by a nation where history and culture merge with new technologies. Portuguese Classics have stood the test of time while designers have developed exclusive accessories for niche markets.

Timeless Portugal blends history and innovation, while every Made-in-Portugal product is like a bride’s finery: Something old, something new and something blue. Just like the beauty of ancient Portuguese buildings artistically covered with blue tiles, azulejos that are both ancient and vibrant with culture. Entrenched in history, Portuguese azulejos decorate Portuguese cities ever since King Manuel’s visit to Seville in 1498. Portugal is dressed in white and blue tiles ever since Europe discovered the finery of Chinese porcelain that became a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. The distinctive blue tiles that were first imported from the Netherlands are now part of Portuguese home décor products and accessories.

The Portugal government is launching a new marketing tool for boosting exports in various sectors such as agri-business, personal care, fashion, home, decoration, toys, jewelry and perfumery. The Portugal Concept Store will focus on the authenticity of the Made-in-Portugal brand on the international market. The exclusivity of Made-in-Portugal products encapsulates the essence of Portuguese culture and history.

Products that are the essence of Portugal, such as cork products, will be branded on the new Portugal platform. Cork production is not only a major industry, but it is also sustainable as the trees are not cut down when the cork is harvested. The lifetime of cork trees is around 270 years and cork is harvested every 9 years. Portugal is the largest cork producer globally and has led to one of the family businesses, the Amorim family, to be part of the Forbes list. It is the only Portuguese family that made it this on this year’s Forbes list of billionaires. While cork is better known for its use in the wine industry, it is also used for insulation and for the production of accessories. The motto of the Amorim Group is: “The Future is built every day.”

With traditional products that are re-invented with exclusive packaging, Portugal’s olive oil, sardines and other healthy products are now exhibited on a single platform. The Portugal digital platform is a Concept Store that positions itself in the premium market segment. It is a B2C sales channel without costs that will showcase the heart of Portugal in international trade fairs. This will go a long way towards developing the Made-in-Portugal brand while developing new partnerships in different markets as, according to the most successful Portuguese enterprise, “The Future is built every day.”



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