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Portugal ranks High on Climate Change Index 2023

Portugal ranks High on Climate Change Index 2023 -
Portugal ranks High on Climate Change Index 2023 - Portugal Business News

Portugal ranks High on the Climate Change Performance Index 2023. The country ranks higher in the 2023 index as it is now at the 14th place up from 16th the previous year.

The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) monitors the Climate Mitigation Efforts of countries within the EU as well as 59 other countries. The key findings show that the current energy crisis demonstrates the dependency on fossil fuels and shows how a number of countries are using this crisis as a turning point to drive ambitious climate policies through energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The top performers are Denmark and Sweden, followed by Chile, Morocco and India that are performing well.

On the other hand, China, which is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases falls sharply in the 2023 index, dropping by 13 places to rank 51st. This ranking in the “very low” category joins the world’s largest emitter, the US, that is ranked 52nd.

The CCPI index, that is published by Germanwatch, together with the New Climate Institute and the Climate ActionNetwork, is an independent monitoring tool for tracking climate mitigation efforts globally. The reports lead to national debates about climate change and allow countries to benchmark their own progress and to have a comparison with other countries. The performance is assessed for four categories, namely GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Use and Climate Policy. The ranking, that is developed by around 450 climate and energy experts, is also used by the Financial Services sector to rate sovereign bonds.

With Portugal’s policies for transitioning towards Green Energy being implemented, it is expected that the rising trend in the country’s performance will continue.

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