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Portugal cloud investment

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Portugal Cloud Investment - Portugal Business News

Portugal Investments breaking news - Portugal startup has just announced that it has raised €2 million for its Site Reliability Engineering platform for cloud-native companies to monitor data reliability., that is a Portugal-based platform for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), has raised a €2 million seed round led by J12 Ventures, reports founder and CEO José Velez. Mr. Velez explains that his “goal is to be the most user-friendly Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Platform, in order to empower organizations to easily adopt SRE to improve decision-making and the reliability of their systems.” works with Google SRE director as investor and advisor.

Founded in 2020, Portugal-based will use the funding to support its development of SLI artificial intelligence technology. SLI Systems mean the predictive cloud-based platform of tools for e-commerce websites that accelerates business in three ways: By generating more traffic, converting shoppers into buyers and maximizing order values.

The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a way of delivering applications over the internet as a service means that, instead of installing software, it may be obtained over the internet. is building a SaaS platform for cloud-native companies. Thus, engineers can easily plug the platform into their existing monitoring and define acceptable reliability levels for each service. To summarize, this means that teams can make data-driven decisions and see a higher ROI. will use this new investment to take it to market and scale-up globally, with a special focus on cloud-native companies as Design Partners. Traditionally, when someone wants to order a product online, the experience is disrupted and customers quickly switch to a competitor, thus making companies lose money and damaging their brand's reputation. This means reliability and application performance has become the number 1 priority for most businesses. provides Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) designed to help cloud-native companies monitor and optimize software reliability. The platform transforms monitoring data into actionable information and automation in an intuitive way, allowing users to create Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) in minutes.

The Future of the Reliability Intelligence Market is what drives, as it empowers organizations to easily adopt Site Reliability Engineering practices in order to improve the reliability of their systems.

This is just the beginning for… The Portugal-based company’s vision for the future is to bridge the gap between engineering and non-technical areas by leveraging the power of reliable data, with a team of talented and humble people who are fun to work with and who are passionate about helping cloud-native companies run more reliable products.



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