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Portuguese company produces global Coca-Cola AI campaign

Portuguese company produces global Coca-Cola AI campaign - portugal news
Portuguese company produces global Coca-Cola AI campaign - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese company Perfect Storm Studio produced the global Coca-Cola AI campaign that cans the exciting sounds made by opening a can of Coca-Cola to create the first Coke SoundZ instrument.


According to neuroscience experts, the sound of opening a can of Coca-Cola, drinking, and tasting it, triggers a satisfying sensation in the brain. This is why an innovative Portuguese producer worked with DaHouse Audio to bottle up these sounds using AI to create the world’s first Coke SoundZ instrument.


“Psst! Fizz… Clink! Glug… Ahh!” is the sequence of satisfying sounds recorded by a team of producers who used AI to analyze the waveforms generated by the mix of the 5 sounds to create an instrument to play the audio mix.


The international Coca-Cola campaign is so successful that music studios globally are already using the Coke SoundZ instrument and the digital version is now available for download in the US and in Europe.


Portuguese production company Perfect Storm Studio produced the innovative international Coca-Cola campaign with director André Valenti Gaspar, as well as Emmy-award Art Director Renato Marques, while DaHouse Audio and Fred Pinto Ferreira were the music producers who harnessed the unique sounds of the Coke SoundZ instrument, in collaboration with AKQA Group.  


The satisfying feeling triggered by the sounds produced by drinking a can of Coca-Cola can now be reproduced using AI by downloading the world's first instrument that only plays uplifting sounds canned in Portugal.

Here is the video showing the Coke SoundZ instrument:





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