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Portugal Green Construction Boom

Portugal Green Construction Boom -
Portugal Green Construction Boom - Portugal Business News

Portugal's upcoming Green Construction projects include Aquila Capital, that manages around EUR 13 billion for global institutional investors and is investing massively in the Portugal Construction and Energy sectors.

Under its Clean Energy component, Aquila Capital, which develops renewable energy projects, just announced a funding line of Euros 1 billion under the InvestEU program for building over 50 renewable energy projects in Portugal and Spain by 2025. In Portugal, these projects will be implemented in Setúbal, Coimbra, Évora and Leiria and will include solar photovoltaic energy (PV) projects as well as onshore wind energy for an electricity production capacity of 2.6 GW.

Moreover, Green Logistics, which is the development division of Aquila Capital in Europe, has started the construction of the Azambuja Green Logistics Park in Portugal. It is their first logistics investment in Portugal and is developed with constructor GSE of the Goldbeck Group. The warehouse, that is over 115,000 square meters, is located in the district of Lisbon due to its key location with excellent land-to-sea infrastructure. The construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022 and is expected to achieve the BREEAM certification, that is globally recognized for certifying a sustainably built environment.

Aquila Capital’s Green Logistics component currently develops assets in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with an investment of over 729 million euros. All their projects comply to standards linked to energy efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

By investing in Green Construction projects, Aquila contributes to the EU energy transition goals. This includes the use of wind energy, solar PV and hydropower assets of more than 12 GW capacity. Aquila Capital has achieved carbon-neutrality in line with UN goals. The UN 2020 global status report states that nearly 40% of globally generated energy is used by buildings, thus contributing to 33% of global emissions. The report added that, should new Green Construction projects not be implemented soon, emissions could double by 2050.

Green building practices reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector and create logistics systems that use advanced technology.

In Portugal, investment in the Construction sector amounted to Euros 23 billion in 2021, according to the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC). According to estimates by FEPICOP, this accounts for a growth rate of 4.3% in the construction sector in 2021. Portugal’s Construction Sector production is expected to increase by 3.3% in the residential segment and also in the civil engineering segments in 2022, while the building construction segment is expected to grow by 1.6% and the civil engineering segment to increase by 5.2%. This optimistic forecast is based on expectations of public investment as a percentage of GDP reaching 3% in 2022 according to the European Commission. Portugal also uses a higher percentage of Community funding received under various programs such as Portugal 2030 and the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR). This figure is also supported by the government’s focus on developing the country’s transport and energy infrastructure, with spending expected to reach EUR 43 billion.

Portugal is preparing to host the Tektónica International Fair on May 4-7, 2023, which is the marketplace for the Construction Sector where businesses launch new products and innovations, while new business partners may be identified.

Portugal is facing a Green Construction Boom and the road to success is now under Construction.



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