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Portuguese VC Shilling launches 50 million euros fund

Portuguese VC Shilling launches 50 million euros fund - portugal news
Portuguese VC Shilling launches 50 million euros fund - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese venture capital fund Shilling launches a 50 million euros fund aimed at propelling Europe’s top scaleups into Series A.


Portuguese company Shilling is the leading early-stage VC that aims at driving sustainable economic growth by investing across diverse industries and disruptive technologies that are shaping the future. The company operates on a profit-sharing model that is community-centric and links a thriving network working together to achieve mutual success.


The Shilling Opportunity Fund provides high-potential startups with capital, mentorship, and expertise for sustainable growth while working towards creating an entrepreneurial economy in Portugal. The fund supports top-performing ventures as they continue to scale internationally. With investment tickets of up to € 5 million, this fund bridges the gap in growth-stage funding and provides the investment to fuel global success.


The new Shilling fund, that has already invested in Portuguese fintech Coverflex, intends to support high-tech scalable ventures. The targeted startups are those advancing digitization in crucial sectors such as Healthtech, SaaS, e-commerce, marketplaces, and cybersecurity.


Portuguese VC Shilling is not just a fund, but a community fostering innovation and collaboration to operate a launchpad for successful startups.



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