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Portuguese Deep Tech startup in Europe’s Top 100 innovators

Portuguese Deep Tech startup in Europe’s Top 100 innovators - portugal news
Portuguese Deep Tech startup in Europe’s Top 100 innovators - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese Deep Tech startup, Seedsight, is among Europe’s Top 100 innovators according to Techstars Berlin.


Deep Tech startups are high tech companies that are based on scientific and engineering innovations that disrupt existing solutions. Portuguese deep tech startup Seedsight, that is headquartered in Berlin, uses a blockchain platform and focuses on building the highest yield AI bio-platform for grain signatures to improve seed selection, food quality and production.


Seedsight, that was incubated at the UPTEC Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, is addressing a crucial challenge for the survival of food systems, including the quality, availability and accessibility of essential foods such as cereals and seeds. The company’s technology enables low-cost, large-scale online biomolecular and biophysical analyzes using blockchain, deep learning, AI and optical sensors technologies that lead to the identification of the best species, origins and suppliers of seeds and grains at the most competitive prices.


For the Executive Director of Techstars Berlin Deep Tech Accelerator, Martin Schilling, the Seedsight solution is vital for global food security: “Seedsight aims to increase the quality of seeds and grains, achieving an improvement of up to 10 times. In addition to being an important step for commodity trading, this process is vital for global food security, translating into a decisive value proposition for customers and investors.”


As one of Europe’s most innovative early-stage Deep Tech startups, Seedsight has been selected among Europe’s Top 100 innovators by Techstars Berlin and will be featured at the Deep Tech Momentum 2024 event that will be held in Berlin on May 14 -16. Deep Tech Momentum is an invite-only 3-day bootcamp for the Top 100 European early-stage Deep Tech start-ups and includes Europe’s best Deep Tech investors with a focus on pre-seed. The Seedsight team includes the CEO Joana S. Paiva, the CCO Gonçalo Ramos, as well as Paulo Santos.



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