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Portugal the new HiBob EU Hub

Portugal the new HiBob EU Hub -
Portugal the new HiBob EU Hub - Portugal Business News

HiBob HR Tech has selected Portugal as their Tech Hub for Western Europe. The HR Tech company will be based in Lisbon where it will run its Center for R&D Excellence. This will lead to the creation of 70 new jobs for tech professionals.

HiBob is an Israeli tech company providing HR software with headquarters in New York. It is among the top HR software companies as it is the best cloud HR software for engaging and connecting hybrid teams.

The HiBob HR Information System (HRIS) was recognized as a leading software in the G2 Regional Grid Report for Core HR. In August 2022, HiBob raised $150M series D, in addition to the funding of $ 150,000,000 raised in the C round series in October 2021. HiBob is now extending its activities with its new Portugal Hub.

HiBob is a cloud-based HR platform that radically streamlines administrative survey tools. The real-time data gives decision-makers valuable insights and helps employees connect globally.

Economist João Ferro Rodrigues, a Lisbon-native, will head operations and focus on attracting the best tech engineers in Europe to build a solid R&D Hub for global support. Innovation enables the enterprise to have cutting-edge technologies for companies that work globally and remotely. HiBob employees are central to the operation and “Bobbers” form part of a supportive environment where they are inspired to grow.

According to Mr Rodrigues, Tech Hubs encourage people from the IT sector to re-group and stay in the same city. This includes web designers, digital marketers and developers. As a result, a Hub becomes a space where ideas germinate and companies prosper. Mr Rodrigues sees Lisbon as this city that will become an important gateway to the European tech scene.

HiBob is very adaptable and innovates through continuous learning loops to produce seismic cultural shifts for companies with dynamic, distributed workforces. HiBob is used by more than 2,500 multinational companies and allows them to accelerate hiring, to retain the best talent, to up skill and to stimulate employee engagement.

For a business to grow, it requires skilled developers and a strong presence on the ground. A presence in Portugal issues a strong signal to the EU market as a trailblazer for HR tech innovation. Portugal is becoming renowned as the fastest-growing tech-hub in Europe with a dynamic start-up scene and a pool of tech talents. With the HiBob platform, talent-management is facilitated for onsite and remote employees.

With such a platform, “Bobbers” are empowered to succeed with actionable goals and growth plans within the team. Through HiBob, the HR department will stimulate companies to: 1, 2, 3, grow!



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