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Portugal house prices increase by 13.1%

Portugal house prices increase by 13.1% -
Portugal house prices increase by 13.1% - Portugal Business News

Portugal house prices increase by 13.1%, which is nearly twice the Eurozone average increase that is 6.8% in the third quarter of 2022. The average increase of house prices in the EU is 7.4% according to Eurostat.

Portugal registered a sharp rise in house prices during the last quarter of 2022 with 13.1% compared to only 2.9% as measured by the year-on-year change. Countries that register house price increases of more than 10% are Estonia with a 24.2% increase, Hungary with a 21% increase and Lithuania with a 19.3% increase.

According to Eurostat, house prices have increased by 49% since 2010 while rents have increased by 18%. During that same period, house prices more than doubled in Estonia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Czechia and Austria.

The percentage change between 2010 and Q3 2022 for Portugal is approximately 80% for house prices and around 30% for rents.


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