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Portugal leads EU camouflage project with funding of 14.5 M

Portugal leads EU camouflage project with funding of 14.5 M - portugal news
Portugal leads EU camouflage project with funding of 14.5 M - Portugal Business news

Portugal news - Portugal leads the EU camouflage technology project that has an overall funding of 14.5 million euros.


From the code name “Adaptive Camouflage foR sOldierS and vehicleS”, the ACROSS project will develop disruptive technologies and solutions for adaptive camouflage for different environmental conditions in multiple spectral ranges.


Financed under European Defence Fund, the new ACROSS project brings together 9 EU countries, including military forces, industry and R&D centers, under the coordination of CITEVE – Portuguese Technological Centre for Textile and Clothing Industry.


European Defence is taking the forefront and Portugal’s tech sector is taking the lead to develop innovative technologies with Portugal’s technological center CITEVE coordinating the EU project to develop military camouflage of the future.


Portugal’s CITEVE center will develop disruptive technology for the European Defence sector within the scope of the ACROSS project that will foster a critical mass of cross border collaborations and improve the agility of the Defence supply and value chains.


The ACROSS project will develop not only camouflage from people, but also camouflage from machines such as radars, infrared detectors and other radiation. The tech development of camouflage in the full sense will also apply to vehicles and drones.


While CITEVE in Portugal is the project coordinator, the other Portuguese members of the consortium are the Portuguese Army (Exército Português), Magellan Circle – European Affairs Consultancy, Damel textile company, and the Center for Nanotechnology and Functional and Intelligent Technical Materials.


The countries that are part of the ACROSS project led by Portugal are Germany, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Spain, and Lithuania. The project will thus widen cross-border cooperation between legal entities and foster research and technological development for the Defence industry.


With Portugal is taking the lead in the EU ACROSS project, the country is positioning itself in the EU Defense industry that has an overall funding of one billion euros annually to finance innovation.






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