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Portugal receives €30 million grant for Green Hydrogen Hub

Portugal receives €30 million grant for Green Hydrogen Hub -
Portugal receives €30 million grant for Green Hydrogen Hub - Portugal Business News

Portugal is receiving a €30 million grant for developing a Green Hydrogen Hub in Sines via the GreenH2Atlantic project. Construction is expected to start in 2023 and the project should be operational in 2025.

GreenH2Atlantic has just obtained the status of Project of National Importance as it will consolidate Sines in Portugal as a Green Hydrogen Hub. It is one out of three projects selected by the EU for the implementation of the Green Deal. The project has received EU funding under the Horizon 2020 programme and comprises a consortium of 13 entities, namely EDP, Galp, ENGIE, Bondalti, Martifer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, McPhy, and Efacec. The consortium also includes academic research partners ISQ, INESC-TEC and CEA, as well as scientific contributor DLR and the Public Private Partnership Axelera.

Sines is Portugal’s Hydrogen Valley and is set to drive sustainability while becoming a major energy contributor for EU countries. The port of Sines is strategically located and provides access to the existent electricity grid and to the region’s industrial infrastructures.

GreenH2Atlantic will develop a Hydrogen Production Hub that comprises a 100 MW electrolyser with scalable and fast-cycling 16 MW modules that will provide the flexibility to overcome bottlenecks. Innovative features will include an Advanced Management System that will ensure a reliable supply of H2 while being linked to hybrid renewable power plants from solar and wind energy.

The GreenH2Atlantic project will be innovative as it will ensure lower Green Hydrogen production costs through an electrolyser that will be efficiently integrated to renewable energy production.

Portugal is efficiently driving the energy transition by transforming a former coal power plant for Green Hydrogen Production. Green Hydrogen is set to become one of Portugal’s pillars of economic growth, a goal that is in line with the EU’s plans for energy transition. The Sines Hydrogen Valley will contribute to the region’s sustainability goals and will be a significant part of the EU’s energy roadmap.

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