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Portugal Rocketry is Launching

Portugal Rocketry is Launching - Portugal Business News

The Portugal Rocketry Challenge is Ready for Launch on 13-16 October at Ponte de Sor. The Portuguese Space Agency is launching the European Rocketry Challenge to attract and involve national and international academia in supporting the expansion of the aerospace industry.

The Portuguese army has signed the Protocol with the Portuguese Space Agency - Portugal Space (AEP-PT Space) at the Headquarters of the Mechanical Brigade. The Rocketry Challenge will launch at the Santa Margarida Military Camp to support academia from European countries. It is an opportunity for European universities to demonstrate their capabilities in designing and launching rockets and is held with the participation of 20 teams from 13 countries including Portugal.

The EuRoC Challenge will be held in two locations: the Paddock at Ponte de Sor Airfield and the Launch Site at Santa Margarida Military Camp. The paddock that is located at the Airfield of Ponte de Sor is about 125 km North-East of Lisbon.

This event will strengthen synergies between academia and the aerospace industry in order to promote innovation in the sector. Portugal is now positioning itself in the field of aerospace engineering.

EuRoC began in 2020 and is part of the Portuguese Space Agency’s strategic goals that include developing linkages with academia. The Portuguese Space Agency is working with academia to ensure the future of the Portuguese Space ecosystem. The outcome will promote and strengthen the space sector in Portugal and will demonstrate that, even though aerospace engineering leads to the launch of rockets, it is not after all rocket science…



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