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Portugal’s Creative Hub attracts global players

Portugal’s Creative Hub attracts global players - portugal news
Portugal’s Creative Hub attracts global players - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portugal’s Creative Hub, Hub Criativo do Beato, is attracting global players.


Portugal’s Creative Hub, that is part of the Beato Innovation District in Lisbon, is a physical space that covers over 50,000 sq. meters for startups, scaleups and global companies under Unicorn Factory Lisboa. The Creative Hub is a focal point for entrepreneurship, creative industries, and innovation in Lisbon.


The Creative Hub in Lisbon will soon include the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies that is a free-of-charge educational program for teens. The TUMO center concept originated in Armenia in 2011 and quickly spread to over 10 countries including France and Germany, while new centers will soon open in Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA.


Portugal’s Creative Hub already includes German company MicroHarvest, French company Inetum, Claranet, Midwich Portugal, Sixt Research Development Services, the Interactive Technologies Institute, and 42 Lisboa school.


Portugal is developing specialized hubs dedicated to innovative tech sectors and has just inaugurated the Web3 Hub in Lisbon. Here is the list of Portugal’s tech sectors that have become specialized hubs.


This will be Portugal’s second TUMO Center since the first one opened in Coimbra. In Portugal, the TUMO Center project is being developed by Shaken not Stirred that is dedicated to shaking the foundations of education through the implementation of innovative pedagogical models.


With Portugal’s Creative Hub soon to include the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, that is an estimated investment of 7 million euros over five years, Lisbon’s digital creative ecosystem will soon be enhanced to include programs for students.







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