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Portugal’s Dourogás will supply Green Hydrogen with Fusion Fuel

Portugal’s Dourogás will supply Green Hydrogen with Fusion Fuel -
Portugal’s Dourogás will supply Green Hydrogen with Fusion Fuel - Portugal Business News

Portugal’s natural gas utility company Dourogás will supply Green Hydrogen produced by Fusion Fuel Green Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: HTOO). This agreement is a first-of-its-kind and will include Green Hydrogen on Portugal’s grid.

Dourogás, that is the market leader for the Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) sector, will build the hydrogen plant that will be operated by Fusion Fuel. The Dourogás Group recently won the Green Energy Award of Visão magazine.

Fusion Fuel’s Green Hydrogen plant, that is based in Évora in southern Portugal, will produce around 40 tons of Green Hydrogen yearly. Fusion Fuel has developed a modular, integrated solar-to-hydrogen generator. The generator is powered by a small Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, before the hydrogen protons pass through the membrane to form H2 gas.

This new agreement with Fusion Fuel follows major developments in Portugal’s Green Hydrogen sector. These include massive investments in the port of Sines, that is Portugal’s Hydrogen Valley and that is set to become a major energy contributor for EU countries.

With the Iberian Hydrogen underwater pipeline at a cost of EUR 2.5 billion that was announced by the Prime Ministers of Spain, Portugal and France, Green Hydrogen will be exported to EU countries by 2030. Developments in the sector also include an investment of EUR 1 billion by NeoGreen Portugal in a Green Hydrogen production plant in Sines and a €30 million grant for developing a Green Hydrogen Hub in Sines via the GreenH2Atlantic project, that are part of a pipeline of investment projects that total EUR 20 billion by 2030.


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