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Portugal’s Policies & Incentives for Startups

Portugal’s Policies & Incentives for Startups - portugal news
Portugal’s Policies & Incentives for Startups - Portugal Business News

Portugal startups news – What are Portugal’s Policies & Incentives for Startups in 2023? This is the complete list of Portugal’s new policies, incentives, and financing solutions for startups as per the Portuguese startup ecosystem report 2023 just published by IDC Portugal.



What are Portugal’s policies for startups in 2023?

In 2023, Portugal implemented major new policies for startups.


This is the complete list of Portugal’s new policies for startups:


1 – New law to recognize startups and scaleups

2 – Change in the taxation regime for stock options in startups

3 – Tax incentives for startups

4 – Strengthening the tax incentive system for research and business development (SIFIDE II)

5 – New tax incentive for scientific research and innovation to replace the former Non-Habitual Resident scheme



What are Portugal’s incentives for startups in 2023?

This is the complete list of Portugal’s new incentives for startups in 2023:


1 – Tech Visa for highly qualified workers to access jobs in Portugal through the IAPMEI website

2 – Incubator Voucher to create conditions for incubators and accelerators to invest in human and tech development for startups

3 – Green and Digital Vouchers for financial support for startups in the Green and Digital sectors

4 – Startup Visa that is a residence visa for entrepreneurs to attract investment, talent and innovation through the IAPMEI website

5 – EMPREENDE XXI that grants support for the creation and development of new business projects through the IEFP website

6 – Business Abroad supports Portuguese startups in major international events

7 – Portugal 2030 agreement between Portugal and the EU for a budget line of 23 billion euros between 2021 and 2027

8 – Incentive System for Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship that is a financial incentive included in Portugal 2030 to support new companies with strong growth dynamics or high-tech sectors that are knowledge-intensive

9 – SIFIDE II provides tax incentives to support Research and Development activities

10 – InvestEU aims at boosting investment, innovation and job creation in Europe over the period 2021-2027 with a budget line of 250 million euros for loans to Portuguese companies

11 – Horizon Europe supports research and innovation through work programs and activities

12 – EEN-Portugal is part of the Enterprise Europe Network that provides services to entrepreneurs to enhance innovation and investment strategies on the European and international markets



What are Portugal’s financing solutions for startups?

This is the list of Portugal’s financing solutions for startups:


1 – Venture Capital Fund – Portugal Blue

2 – Venture Capital Fund – Portugal Tech

3 – Business Angels Funding

4 – Social Innovation Fund

5 – Credit lines Invest+ and Microinvest

6 – Co-investment program Deal-by-Deal  


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