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Portugal’s Wind Energy Projects

Portugal’s Wind Energy Projects -
Portugal’s Wind Energy Projects - Portugal Business News

Portugal’s renewable energy supplied 97% of electricity consumption on January 16th when the daily share of wind energy produced reached an all-time high with 106.7 GWh, according to REN that operates the country’s energy network.

Reuters reported that Portugal’s renewable energy sector generally accounts for 83% of its total installed capacity, with the share of wind energy being 56%.

Portugal’s Prime Minister just announced that the country aims at developing its offshore wind capacity to reach 10 GW by 2030. The country will launch its first offshore wind auction by the end of this year, a project that will lead to wind farms being installed off the country’s Atlantic coast.

Portugal is developing ambitious projects in the renewable energy sector, such as the EUR 1.5 billion hydro-electric plant nearing completion in Ribeira de Pena in northern Portugal, with major renewable energy operator Iberdrola now planning a large wind farm in the same region.


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