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Portugal Space News - Portugal Business News

Portugal Space was created by the government of Portugal in 2019 with headquarters in the Azores. Its goals are to implement the Portugal Space 2030 strategy with a focus on how space can be used to solve problems on Earth.

With the creation of a space port on Santa Maria island, Portugal Space is part of the European Space Agency (ESA). Its Space Program includes Copernicus, Galileo, GOVSATCOM and SSA. The European Space Program 2021-2027, organized by the “Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network” (PERIN), will manage the development of space infrastructure and technology in order to foster a thriving space ecosystem in Portugal.

In order to develop Portugal’s Space Surveillance System, Portugal’s Ministry of Defense has signed contracts with GMV for its space surveillance tracking system. Since the European Space Agency estimates that there are nearly 10,000 metric tons of material orbiting our planet, there is a real risk for satellites. The new agreement with GMV will ensure that there will be an enhanced database for an impact assessment of Portugal’s Space Surveillance System (SST) and the development of new services.

GMV is a Spanish company with offices globally and a workforce of over 2000 people. The Portugal office, that is located in Lisbon, is headed by Alberto de Pedro Crespo. The GMV group, that is in the sector of technology, provides cutting-edge solutions and the development of hardware and software as well as operational support. With more than 80 engineers working on SST activities in seven European countries, GMV is a worldwide leader in the prevention of space debris. Most of its operations are in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Romania and Poland. In the commercial arena, GMV also provides services in the field of military space.

In Portugal, GMV has signed an MoU for technological development with Embraer. Embraer is a Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer that provides military and commercial aircraft and services. It is the third largest producer of civil aircraft after Boeing and Airbus.

Its activities in Portugal will include new business development in the field of navigation systems and of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA). This includes services in Defense systems, namely for the Super Tucano aircraft. According to Brazilian company Embraer, the MoU with GMV will include partnerships for technological advances and innovation.

Embraer has a long-term commitment with Portugal for the development of its aerospace ecosystem as well as Defense, with Portugal being the country in which it has a major share of its investments outside Brazil. Its subsidiary OGMA – Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal – is a Portuguese aerospace company focused on aircraft manufacturing.

Recently, the Brazilian conglomerate invested Euros 74 million in OGMA. This agreement will create 300 new jobs and will increase its annual turnover three-fold to the tune of Euros 600 million, which demonstrates that Embraer is extending the scope of activities in Portugal. In line with this strategy, an MoU was signed with Portugal Defense. This will include strategic Defense priorities for Portugal, including advanced training, the dual use of technologies and digital transformation.

Recent investments in the Portugal Aerospace industry demonstrates Portugal’s commitments towards the Portugal Space Agency and its Space Surveillance System under the Ministry of Defense.



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