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Portuguese brand wins Global Fashion Brand award

Portuguese fashion brand wins Global Fashion Brand award

Made in Portugal fashion brands news – Portuguese fashion brand Judy Sanderson won the Global Fashion Brand award by the MMM Endowment Fund (Le Fonds de Dotation MMM).  


Portuguese fashion brand Judy Sanderson is making headlines as the new upcoming global designer brand. The eponymous women’s ready-to-wear brand based in Portugal, was founded by Judy Sanderson, a South African designer who graduated from Raffles International College Hong Kong Fashion Design. The collections celebrate the African heritage of its origins and offers a unique cultural fusion.


The Judy Sanderson designer brand, that was established in Portugal in 2019, advocates an eco-responsible approach, since each piece of clothing is produced less than 45 kilometers from the workshop in northern Portugal. All the designer clothes are produced in Portugal and the brand aims at minimizing the carbon footprint as well as investing in the local community.


Every piece is made in Portugal with precision, artistry and the compelling dexterity of the handmade in a responsible manner, while honoring traditional skills and combining them with innovative techniques and applications.


“I create pieces that transcend fashion to inspire strength and confidence in the women who wear them,” stated fashion designer Judy Sanderson.


As the winner of the Global Fashion Brand scholarship that amounts to 40,000 euros, the Judy Sanderson fashion brand will receive support for all its development, including image, communication, events, and production for a period of two years.


The MMM Endowment Fund aims at strengthening its links with a creative and inspiring Mediterranean youth. The Endowment Fund supports cultural and scientific projects carried out by researchers and creators for the transformation of fashion professions.


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