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Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos partners with Dior

Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos partners with Dior - Portugal news
Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos partners with Dior - Portugal Business News

Portugal luxury fashion brands news - Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos partners with Dior.

Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos takes the world by storm with her amazing works of art displayed in Dior fashion shows and boutiques around the world.

For Dior's autumn-winter 2023-2024 ready-to-wear fashion show, Joana Vasconcelos decorated the set with one of her monumental Valkyries that was created with the fabrics used in the Dior collection. After creating astonishing displays for Dior fashion shows, Dior invited Joana Vasconcelos to create the scenography for the Dior windows. This is how the amazing work of art of the Portuguese designer, the Miss Dior Valkyrie, wows Dior fans with a show-stopping display in the Dior boutiques around the world.

Based in Lisbon, artist Joana Vasconcelos invited the Dior team to her studio where she produced the Miss Dior Valkyrie, a huge textile structure that came to life, spreading its arms across the entire space. The Miss Dior Valkyrie embodies the essence of Miss Dior fashion and transcends it across the entire space.

In Portugal, the Miss Dior Valkyrie sculpture can be admired at the Lisbon boutique where it is suspended along the entire length of the 20-meter-high staircase.

Portuguese designer Joana Vasconcelos explains how her art blends so well with fashion: “I have a very special relationship with fashion, and I had the privilege of meeting many designers in the past, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Julien MacDonald, John Galliano… Once Valentino came to my studio and said: “You work like a fashion house, because my process also involves seamstresses, fabrics, embroidery… The difference is that I don’t work with the human body but with the space itself.”

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