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Portuguese Cannes winner sold film rights to 65 countries

Portuguese Cannes winner sold film rights to 65 countries - portugal news
Portuguese awarded movie Grand Tour - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese Miguel Gomes, the 2024 Cannes winner as best Film Director, sold the rights of feature film “Grand Tour” to 65 countries.


Portuguese Film Director and Script Writer Miguel Gomes, who was distinguished at the Cannes festival, will premiere his movie “Grand Tour” in Portugal on September 19th.


At a press conference in Cannes, film director Miguel Gomes explained that “Grand Tour” is a movie about the determination of women. While the initial idea for the film is inspired by a brief passage of travel book, "A gentleman in Asia” by Sommerset Maugham, the feature film “Grand Tour” includes a travel archive throughout Asia, including Myanmar (formerly Burma), Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan to trace the characters' journey, collecting contemporary images and sounds for a period feature film dated 1917.


The acclaimed movie “Grand Tour” by Film Production company “Uma Pedra no Sapato”, was produced by Filipa Reis in co-production with Italy, France, Germany, China and Japan.

Watch the trailer of Grand Tour movie:




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