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Portuguese FLY.PT electric flying cars

Portuguese FLY.PT electric flying cars -
Portuguese FLY.PT electric flying cars - Portugal Business News

The future of air transport is being developed in Portugal and it is a future that includes a new disruptive concept that will transform the aeronautical industry.

Visualizing flying cars may be part of our collective imagination, but it is no longer a myth as it is about to become a reality. This innovative flying car has Portuguese know-how and will surprise the beholders with its skate and drone technology that are each autonomous, with a cockpit that is attached to each vehicle, thus creating an intermodal system.

The project, that is headed by Portuguese company Caetano Aeronautic, will use Portuguese technology to develop electrical aircraft, with autonomous systems, new materials as well as new processes. The team that will help build a prototype will also develop multi-functional batteries that will store electrochemical energy.

A number of Portuguese companies are collaborating to develop this innovative technology, including AED Portugal that is a cluster of companies from the Aeronautical, Space and Defense sectors, INEGI, SETSA, Optimal Structural Solutions, CONTROLAR, Almadesign, TEKEVER II, CEIIA, ISQ, INESC TEC, IPL, ISEP, PIEP, EMPORDEF, Évora University, CODI, FHP and Critical Materials.

The FLY.PT project will mobilize Portugal’s aeronautical industry towards the disruption of future urban transport. The disruptive technology that is being developed will support the development of Portugal’s economy towards activities that are knowledge-intensive and that will create value based on innovation. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under Portugal 2020.


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