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Portuguese Group builds a hotel in 14 days

Portuguese Group builds a hotel in 14 days - portugal news
Portuguese Group builds a hotel in 14 days - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese Group, Grupo Casais, built a hotel in Madrid in just 14 days.


Portuguese Group Grupo Casais, a family business that is considered the best construction company in Portugal and that has a presence in 17 countries, together with Spanish construction company ACR, have built a 5-storey hotel with 120 rooms in Madrid in just 14 days.


An incredible video shows how the two companies managed to save 6 months to build a hotel in Madrid with all the windows and the bathrooms with the relevant plumbing kits.


This Portuguese innovation is setting the standard for sustainable construction in the hotel sector. The building, that was developed by a joint venture between Portuguese group Casais and North American company Sunny and that was designed by Spanish architecture firm TdB Arquitectura, is the first hybrid hotel in Spain.


The structure and finishes of the new hotel in Madrid are based on the industrialized system developed by CREE Buildings, an international construction collective for sustainable solutions and a visionary way of building. This is a more environmentally friendly construction method, with a carbon footprint that is 60% less than traditional building methods and that requires only a third of the concrete normally required due to the use of wood and new engineering solutions.


With this promising Portuguese innovation that not only makes it possible to build a 5-storey hotel in 14 days but that is also a decisive step towards green building, the construction sector will be able to save time, money, and resources for the new generation of sustainable buildings.



Watch the video showing a hotel built in 14 days in Madrid:


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